vision problems related to brain function

Field of View

Limitations in the field of view can be the result of interference in the function of the nerve that goes from the eye to the brain, the optic nerve, or to the brain itself. Read what Mrs. Y.L. said about her training: “After a horrible car accident, I lost the vision to my right side. I could no longer perform routine activities like cooking and driving. Months of rehabilitation did not help. After my neurotherapy training I have resumed all my activities, and I now am as proud of my driver’s license as I was when I was a teenager.”


Eye Movement Restriction

“I just went in for a routine operation, that was not for my eyes, and after the surgery I could not move my right eye to the left - so most of the time I would see two of everything. I had a patch pasted to my right lens which allowed me to see to the right. It was awful. I decided to try some neurotherapy training after hearing about it on a radio talk show. I did one training session for 10 weeks and my eye now moves fully with no double vision.” Mr. M.S., retired vice-president of a teacher’s union